Where the money goes.

Our commitment to connecting resources to important community outcomes is reflected in our Community Investment Fund. With an emphasis on accountability, we work closely with our agency partners to ensure that your generous donations are thoughtfully and effectively allocated to programs that are working to help make Kent County a better place to live and work.

Taking on the big picture is hard work. 

While we continue to meet people where they are at with basic needs support, we are also working to identify the root causes of vulnerability and find innovative solutions to community-wide problems. Learn more about our support for collaborative programming.

We believe everyone deserves:


Be a part of something bigger.

Give to the issues you care about by investing all or a portion of your donation into the Community Fund.

IDENTIFY our community’s most pressing issues.
HELP people meet their immediate needs.
FIND sustainable solutions.
BUILD a better community.
LIVE United.


Community Fund Grant Review Process

United Way campaign dollars are allocated through a volunteer, community review team to impact education, income and health in Kent County. To ensure transparency, the community review process itself is inclusive and collaborative with regard to the community and our stakeholders.

  1. Research: Our staff conducts a comprehensive scan of existing funding levels of local services, disparities, and unmet needs and gaps in available resources. 

  2. Agency Requests: Agencies request funding based on our identified priority issues.

  3. Volunteers: Local volunteers help us review grant proposals to ensure funds are distributed effectively and objectively with the needs of our community in mind.

  4. Grant Decision: Consensus on agency grant amounts are determined based on community needs, the merits of the request, the agency’s financial health, past success, and capacity.

  5. Approval & Distribution: Grants are reviewed and approved by the United Way Board of Directors.

  6. Financial Review: An annual, in-depth review of each agency's financial health is conducted each year prior to consideration of their grant request.

2018-19 Agency Partners

Family Stability - Housing

Family Stability - Food Security

Family Stability - Mental/Behavioral Health

Family Stability - Family Crisis

Financial Security

Youth Education