Great things happen when we LIVE UNITED

Philanthropy is a smart investment for companies of all sizes. Giving back has a measurable return and can provide valuable benefits to a company and its employees. More than 400 local businesses and organizations choose to show their commitment to social responsibility and helping people in Kent County by running a United Way workplace campaign each year.

Fundraising campaigns are a proven way for workplaces to invest in strengthening the communities they serve. Our comprehensive approach allows you and your employees to make an impact with a single contribution and help people affected by issues close to your heart. The investments of corporate partners and their employees ensure that businesses and nonprofits can continue to unite and solve complex problems here in West Michigan.

Companies of all sizes also find that connecting their employees to their communities through monetary contributions and investments of time attracts and retains talent. We can offer your employees opportunities to not only give, but to also advocate or volunteer for the causes they are passionate about, serve on a cabinet or council, and connect with community leaders from all industries.