Our Work

Together, We'll Make Waves of Change

If you throw a pebble into a pond, it makes ripples. But if you throw a boulder into a pond, it creates waves. Heart of West Michigan United Way is that boulder. Together, our community is creating waves of change in education, income and health to improve lives in Kent County.


Community Vision

  • Quality education that leads to a stable job.
  • Financial stability for all households.
  • Access to good health at every stage of life.


United Way Responses

United Way builds partnerships:

  • By investing in the work of more than 60 local agencies who serve more than 114,000 individuals each year.
  • With 540 companies and 30,000 investors each year.
  • By connecting 8,900 volunteers each year.
  • By collaborating with multiple community organizations.


United Way executes direct services:


United Way engages the community:


United Way is a financial steward: