Laurie Atkari, of Farmers Insurance, is a longtime Schools of Hope volunteer reading tutor.

“It just means so much to them. You don’t get the hugs or the same kind of positive feedback at work,” says volunteer reading tutor, Laurie Atkari. “No matter what I’m doing -- I could be crazy busy -- but when I go, I’m so glad I do."

Through the Schools of Hope Reading program, Laurie tutors one child who is behind in reading, once a week, throughout the school-year. “The concept of getting these kids up to grade level right away, so that they just don’t fall behind,” she says. “I think is so wonderful.” Laurie says some volunteers may be intimidated by tutoring, but she encourages others to try it. “The one-on-one attention makes it so much easier,” says Lauri. “You’re not dealing with a classroom of kids.”

Every week, Laurie travels to an elementary school for her tutoring session, and then, she comes back to the office with a new energy. “Sometimes I don’t know how I could possibly take the time to do it,” she says. “But when you come back, you’re refreshed.” 
Laurie has been a long-time volunteer tutor with the program and encourages others to try it, but she warns that it’s very easy to become hooked! “That positive impact, you can’t beat it,” she says. “It changes you for that moment, and for a lot of people, it can change them for life.” 

Find out how you can make a difference in the life of a child by becoming a volunteer reading tutor: www.hwmuw.org/soh