Heart of West Michigan United Way & GRPS Partner Provide STEM Curriculum to Middle School Students

February 21, 2018


Thanks to the generous support of United Way, GRPS is investing in a new, comprehensive curriculum resource to support science instruction in grades K-12. The new Discovery Education Science Techbook is further enhanced thanks to the voter-approved bond investments in new technology for students and teachers.  The United Way portion specifically went to GRPS middle schools with emphasis on improving student outcomes on state assessments. This is aligned with Talent 2025, K-Connect, the Talent Triangle, and the GRPS Academic plan.

The support from United Way has helped bring GRPS middle school students a digital K-12 science textbook featuring continuously updated content using real-time student data feedback that is fully aligned to Michigan Science Standards (NGSS). This is functional on any device in any Instructional setting and works exceptionally well with the new student Chromebooks being implemented at the middle school level.

Science Techbook helps teachers transition to the New MI Science Standards (NGSS) with a simple-to-use and highly interactive program. It integrates multimedia, including video, audio, text, and interactives, with hands-on activities and virtual labs that provide a rich and engaging learning experience for students. Embedded and technology-enhanced formative assessment opportunities are also provided. Science Techbook works on any device and can be implemented in a variety of instructional settings.

Science Techbook fully supports the instructional shifts required by the New MI Science (NGSS) standards and embraces the philosophy of three-dimensional learning. In addition to content chosen to directly support the NGSS, the Model Lessons reflect the interplay of the Science and Engineering Practices (SEPs), Disciplinary Core Ideas (DCI) and Cross-Cutting Concepts (CCC) and outline what these mean in practice for educators. With Science Techbook students become immersed in the work of scientists and engineers, developing their own scientific explanations by:

  • exploring the overarching themes of science,

  • asking questions,

  • making claims,

  • supporting claims with evidence,

  • designing solutions to real-world problems,

  • developing the practices that scientists and engineers use daily, and

  • identifying the cross-cutting connections between science.

Students are able to access all content within the series, so teachers are able to personalize their instruction based on each students’ need and assign resources across grade bands or courses. The Lexile Level of the core interactive text can be adjusted with the click of a button to support struggling readers while addressing specific concepts. This is a valuable benefit for those ready to move on and those who need additional support.

To learn more about how Heart of West Michigan United Way is investing in youth education in Kent County, visit www.hwmuw.org/education