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Sample Email Text

Subject: Will you live united this year?

Body: Our Heart of West Michigan United Way campaign is kicking off! Giving to United Way's Community Investment Fund is the best way to help the most people in need in our community. Join me in learning what it means to live united, and watch for information coming soon about all of the upcoming campaign activities and events.

It takes an entire community to make a difference, and we need you. Learn what your contribution to United Way will do at


(CEO Name) 

Subject: West Michigan is more than a good place to live, it is a community that cares.

Body: Since 1917, Heart of West Michigan United Way has invested donor gifts of more than $500 million into Kent County, bolstering civic, neighborhood and non-profit organizations that are vital to our social well-being. United Way invests these contributions to expand economic opportunity and create more sustainable and resilient communities, but they can’t do it alone. Still, at least 24 percent of adults in Kent County are working but unable to meet their basic necessities like food, housing, transportation, and child care.

With your help, Heart of West Michigan United Way can continue to strive to make our community a great place to live and work for everyone.

To learn more about how your contribution can make a difference to children, adults, families, and seniors in our community, visit

Subject: There is strength in numbers.

Body: Behind every changed life is someone who made it happen. When you give to United Way, that someone is you.

Your contribution, combined with the gifts of your friends, neighbors, and coworkers, makes it possible for us to help families rise out of poverty and thrive in our community. Your gift to Heart of West Michigan United Way's Community Investment Fund has a powerful impact on West Michigan and achieves measurable, sustainable results that can shape our region. Together, we can help create opportunities for a better life for all. 

All donations made to Heart of West United Way’s Community Investment Fund stay here in Kent County and will be invested in housing, food security, education, family crisis, mental health, and workforce development.

Where exactly does the money go? Find out at

Subject: Giving is more than Money

Body: Giving a financial donation is just one way to make a difference. During our United Way fundraising campaign, as well as throughout the year, you can volunteer your time through Heart of West Michigan United Way's Volunteer Center.  Every hour makes a difference!

Volunteering gets you closer to the people who are helped by your donation, and United Way makes it easy for you to find a volunteer opportunity that matches your interests. Get started and find where you're needed at

Thanks for your generosity during our United Way Campaign.

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Sample CEO Endorsement/Kick-Off Voicemail

Good morning/afternoon,

Our annual Heart of West Michigan United Way Campaign is about to kick off! I am excited about the opportunity we have to help improve the community where we live and work. I believe it is our responsibility to help where we can, and (Company/Organization Name) and I believe the easiest and smartest way for you to help the whole community is through a contribution to Heart of West Michigan United Way.

Whether you give a financial gift or volunteer your time, you help turn the story around for thousands of people in need.

Please join me this year in supporting United Way and our community through this year's fundraising campaign.

Thank you,

(CEO Name)