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Tocqueville Society Grand Soiree

By Invite Only.

Tocqueville Society members like you are a steady reminder of the difference that we can make when we work together. Your gift provides a solid foundation for Heart of West Michigan United Way, influencing others to do their part to help others and keep our community moving forward. 

On Wednesday, October 3, please join us to celebrate you and your fellow Tocqueville Society members at Venue3Two, a carefully renovated 1925 estate.

RSVP by calling AJ Quackenbush 616.752-8619 or email


About the Venue

Originally a 700-acre cattle ranch in what was then Paris Township, Venue3Two at the corner of Shaffer and 32nd Street is known as the old Tassel Ranch or Stormy Creek Ranch. In the mid-1950s Leslie Tassel purchased the property to build a tool and die plant. With his love for horses, Leslie eventually moved his family into the 1920s mansion and began raising show horses, buffalo, zebra, and other exotic animals.

In January of 2016, Dwight and Karen Stayer discovered the abandoned property as a perfect place to house Equine Assisted Development (EAD). They immediately began renovating the estate to create a “profit-for-non-profit” organization called 3TwoRanch. 

The house took more than a year to restore into what it is today, one of the most unique and beautifully restored venues in the Grand Rapids area. All proceeds from Venue3Two support EAD’s operating costs as well as other organizations with a similar mission. 

Later Event: October 10
Pop Up Giving (PUG)