Frequently asked questions

When is Operation United?

Operation United for Veterans takes place on Friday, May 17, 2019. Specific times and locations will be shared with volunteers and participating veterans.

Who is eligible to receive services?

Anyone who has served or is currently serving in any branch of the armed forces and is a current resident of Kent County is eligible to apply. Veterans and/or a family member must be present at the home on May 17, though they are not required to be outdoors for the duration of the service project.

Why veterans?

Operation United for Veterans was specifically developed to assist veterans in Kent County with maintaining safe, stable living environments, with a focus on senior citizens and veterans with disabilities.

According to statistics from the US Census Bureau (American Community Survey, 2012-2016), over 71 percent of veterans in Kent County are 55 years or older, while over one-quarter have a disability (compared with 14 percent of the general population).

Senior citizens and individuals with disabilities face numerous physical barriers to living safely and independently in their own homes (Pract, 2014), which may include inaccessible home environments and safety hazards on properties. Veterans with disabilities in Kent County are likely to have significant impediments to daily functioning, as 40 percent of disabled veterans in Kent County have a Veteran Affairs-assigned disability rating of 50 percent of higher (American Community Survey, 2012-2016).

Who can I contact to learn more?

Katelyn Kovalik, Volunteer Center Manager, is leading this project. You can reach her at