Because of You, we changed lives 206,966 times.

Behind every changed life is someone who made it happen. When you give to United Way, that someone is you.

Your Investment at Work

All financial gifts made to Heart of West United Way’s Community Investment Fund stay here in Kent County and support the work of more than 50 nonprofit organizations in the fields of education, income, and health. Collectively, these organizations serve 1 in 4 people in Kent County, giving donors the opportunity to make an impact on many people’s lives through a single donation.

Food Security

Helping people receive essential, nutritious meals and gain greater food security.

41,719 people fed their families through United Way-funded food pantries.

6,742 seniors received congregate meals.

453 people received food and shelter after their homes were lost to fire.



Helping people get and keep affordable housing and increasing access to assistance for those experiencing homelessness. 

15,389 residents accessed housing services.

2,990 people succeeded in obtaining or maintaining housing, preventing them from becoming homeless.

195 homeless youth obtained safe, viable shelter.

Child Education

Helping children and young adults develop and thrive.

98% of children achieved their learning outcomes in United Way-funded programming.

34,914 children received educational support.

5,245 children expanded their education in safe after-school or summer programming.

Workforce Development

Helping people increase their employability and work skills. 

4,350 people accessed workforce development programming.

72% gained new employment skills through training.

46 people were prevented from losing their job due to lack of transportation. 


Violence Prevention

Preventing, reducing, or eliminating physical violence, sexual assault, abuse, and neglect. 

21,700 people received physical or sexual violence prevention services.

Immediate medical support and counseling was given to 2,973 survivors or abuse.

99 survivors of domestic abuse or sexual violence received free legal services.

Parental Support

Helping parents and caregivers support their children’s success.

11,639 families gained knowledge that will help their children reach key developmental markers.

110 young, expectant mothers received professional pregnancy counseling and education.

50 rural families were empowered with the tools they needed to ensure their children facing poverty, social isolation, teen pregnancy, or disability were positioned to graduate on time. 


We're Helping People Right Here in Kent County

59% of residents people helped were under the age of 18, and 10% were younger than 3.

% of Kent County Residents Served by United Way-Funded Programs

All data shown is funding results from July 2014 to June 2015.