Learning to Pay Yourself First

While in Financial Opportunity Services, one participant realized that though she was very generous towards others, she was giving little regard to her own finances. After several months of discussions with her Financial Coach around the topic of emergency savings, she started saving and “paying herself first.” She enjoyed seeing her savings account grow, hoping to use the money towards a down payment on a car or a house!

However, an unfortunate incident occurred, and she needed surgery, leaving her unable to work for 3 long months. Although she received disability income, it was not enough to cover all her living and medical expenses. Luckily, she had the savings to keep her from financial disaster. Her savings account has been reduced, but she doesn’t have medical bills haunting her for years to come! All because she made herself – and an emergency fund – a priority.

Goodwill provides the tools to help people prepare for the workforce, and then works with businesses in the community to match qualified employees to jobs. Through numerous programs, Goodwill serves individuals including those with mental and physical issues, veterans, youth, and other barriers to employment. The revenue from donations that are sold or recycled by Goodwill provides many no-cost career services for people in our community seeking employment.

Funds from Heart of West Michigan United Way support financial literacy programming and workforce development.