Hope Rooted in Opportunity: Elizabeth's Story

Elizabeth left high school when she became a parent, but her goal was to earn her GED by the time she would have graduated from high school. She sought help from Steepletown to help her prepare for the tests. After passing her GED tests, Elizabeth also participated in many of the additional workshops and training offered at Steepletown in her efforts to grow as a person and as a parent. 

Through the relationships she developed at Steepletown, Elizabeth gained employment with a licensed childcare provider. She has also been accepted at Grand Rapids Community College and is planning to pursue a degree in social work!

Steepletown is a neighborhood organization focused on youth development, family well-being, and community engagement. Through creative programs, innovative services, and by engaging in some system-changing community collaboratives, Steepletown accomplishes its mission of creating hope that is rooted in opportunity, which ultimately leads to a sense of well-being and economic security. United Way support helps Steepltown mentor at-risk youth.