Regaining Faith in Herself: Maya's Story

Maya came to Women’s Resource Center in crisis and facing homelessness. In the year prior to her first visit, she had escaped from an emotionally and physically abusive marriage. She was now a single mom of two young children and was determined to make a better life for her family. In addition to her impending homelessness, limited education, and unemployment, she is also an immigrant with no family available to help her through these tough times. She was emotionally drained and felt alone.

Through the support and the holistic services of the Women’s Resource Center, Maya was connected to a housing program, accessed therapy for her children, secured childcare services, and recently was awarded a full scholarship to the Blue Heron Academy for massage therapy. Once she receives her certification, she will build new skills in a field she thoroughly enjoys while providing stability for her family. She is role-modeling the importance of education, resiliency, and empowerment to her children, and she has regained faith in herself.

The issues faced by women in the workforce drive Women’s Resource Center programming and inspires their mission. Women’s Resource Center advocates for women to achieve economic independence through meaningful employment and programming that empowers and educates. They also partner with caring individuals and organizations throughout West Michigan to purposefully transform employment outcomes for all women.

United Way funds programs at Women’s Resource Center that help women learn job-search techniques, resume writing, interviewing, appropriate business attire, personal financial management, conflict resolution, and goal setting while exploring various careers in an employability and life skills development class.