A Summer of Growth: Ben's Story

In the beginning of the Camp Blodgett Summer Academy, Ben suffered from social awkwardness, behavioral issues, and social skill development typical of someone experiencing mild autism. Throughout the summer camp, counselors worked with Ben on taking personal responsibility for his behavior and learning to take control of his response to overwhelming situations.  

After camp, Ben’s grandmother and guardian wrote Camp Blodgett of an unexpected change she had seen in Ben. During a visit to his doctor’s office, Ben decided to approach some other children playing in the waiting room and introduce himself!

“Ben would have never had the confidence to go speak to other children without the learning and time on his own at Camp Blodgett during the summer,” his grandmother wrote. “Ben learned through his camp experience that it is okay to interact with other kids and could use the skills in self-calming to overcome his anxiety.”

For over 90 years, Camp Blodgett has been serving young people in West Michigan through meaningful programming that encourages academic achievement, supports the development of a healthy self-esteem and promotes social responsibility to give children the knowledge, tools and desire to be successful in school and in life.

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