Family Stability: Latrice's Story

Like so many young families, Latrice, Terry, and their two kids had a life full of activity. Their older child was busy with school and sleepovers, while the younger one was just starting to walk, and both Latrice and Terry worked full time. Life changed when Terry was involved in an accident and needed emergency surgery. Terry was out of work for nearly a year, and eventually, he lost his job. The family went from two incomes to one, and quickly spiraled into homelessness.

When they lost their home, where they had lived for five years, they lost everything and had to start over. "It was hard to leave a place that had so many great memories," said Latrice. “But, the hardest part about becoming homeless was not knowing where my kids were going to sleep.”

Our $200,000 Community Grant Fund grant to the Pathway Home program, an exciting and new collaboration between Family Promise of Grand Rapids and Mel Trotter Ministries, provides extra emergency shelter capacity for families with children who are experiencing homelessness – keeping them together and helping them to find and keep a new home. Latrice, Terry, and their children gained safe shelter, meals, assistance with finding a place to call home, and a path toward regaining homeownership and independence.

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