Donated and Delivered Meals "Saved My Life," Irene Says

In many circles, Irene is known as the “neighborhood mom” because she has worked hard throughout her life to care for others before herself. Whenever someone has a problem, Irene opens her doors to help. Whether it's lending an ear or a bed, Irene wants to give back to others, but her passion to serve others during hardships made it difficult for her to face her own struggles. Irene is a fighter of Squamous Cell Carcinoma (SCC), Grave's Muscle Disease, arthritis, and mild Dementia. After a stroke, Irene lost the capability to cook for herself and even the ability to feel hungry. She accidentally set her home on fire twice and quickly lost 50 pounds on her small frame.


Fortunately, Irene was referred to Meals on Wheels Western Michigan and now receives 14 meals each week, delivered to her home.

"Meals on Wheels saved my life," Irene says. Her meals have not only helped her gain more than 15 pounds of healthy weight, but they have also allowed her to stay in her own home.

More than 10,000 healthy meals packaged at last year's Food from the Heart were given to people who receive Meals on Wheels, like Irene. This year, we're granting another $60,000 from our Community Grant Fund to Meals on Wheels Western Michigan to help provide even more nutritious meals to seniors living in Kent County. 

These meals can make all the difference to help people stay safe, healthy, and in their own homes.