Help shape the future of Kent County

One donation, when combined with the gifts of others, has a powerful influence on West Michigan. Including Heart of West Michigan United Way in the list of charities you support ensures that we can continue to invest in the needs of our community.

Ways to give

Give by Mail

Send a check to Heart of West Michigan United Way, 118 Commerce Ave. SW, Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Sponsor an Event

We host a number of events throughout the year. Contact Ellen Carpenter if you are interested in sponsorship opportunities. 

Give a Legacy Gift

Members of our Legacy Society have made a commitment to Heart of West Michigan United Way in their will or estate plans. For more information, please contact Cheryl DeAvila.

Join a Membership Giving Society

More than 1,500 people choose to extend their reach into our community through Leadership Circle and Tocqueville Society. Their generosity is a powerful tool that allows us to make significant investments in more than 50 local organizations that improve lives and positively influence our community. 

Annual gifts of $10,000 or more. Learn More

Annual gifts of $10,000 or more. Learn More

Annual gifts of $1,000 or more ($20 per week). Learn More

Annual gifts of $1,000 or more ($20 per week). Learn More


Where your investment goes

Community Investment Fund

Local agencies request funding from our Community Investment Fund based on community needs. Local people volunteer their time to vet and review all of the nonprofits we fund in the areas of quality programming, governance, finance, and administration to ensure donor funds are distributed effectively and objectively. 


We believe that everyone has the right to choose who their donations help, which is why we also honor all donor designations intended for health and human service agencies -- whether or not they are supported by our own allocation process. This designation process makes it easy to utilize our payroll deduction system while supporting the organizations that are closest to your heart.

If a donor does not designate their gift to a specific organization, their entire donation goes into our Community Investment Fund and is distributed to support the programs and services of more than 50 nonprofit agencies