Kent County Tax Credit Coalition

More than $14 million in Earned Income Tax Credit dollars go unclaimed in Kent County every year. With the help of KCTCC, working families can receive tax reimbursements of up to $6,143.


The program utilizes 200 volunteers each year – ranging from Steelcase’s finance department, to GVSU students, to local church groups. KCTCC clients often spend tax refunds locally for basic necessities such as food and clothing, home and car repairs, or medical treatment. Since 2002, KCTCC has generated more than $73 million in tax credits for over 61,000 tax payers in Kent County. Financial literacy courses are also offered to clients to help them repair credit, reduce debt, learn how to budget and increase their savings.

You may qualify for KCTCC ’s FREE tax service if your household income is $55,000 or less. For more information on KCTCC's services, please contact 2-1-1.