Heart of West Michigan United Way Staff

Michelle Van Dyke 


Issue Michelle is most passionate about: I have always been most passionate about children’s causes. Giving children who are living in poverty hope and opportunities is really important to me. That’s one of the primary reasons why I joined United Way. We are fighting poverty and bringing this hope to thousands of children.

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Consuelo Rodriguez, Executive & Human Resources Assistant, crodriguez@hwmuw.org 


Community Impact

Shannon Gardner
Vice President, Community Impact

Shannon's favorite volunteer activity: Counseling women

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Mandy DeWilde, Community Impact Coordinator, mdewilde@hwmuw.org
Paul LeBlanc, Grant Writer, pleblanc@hwmuw.org
Robert McKown, Sr. Director Evaluation & Accountability, rmckown@hwmuw.org
Emily Schichtel, Outcomes and Performance Evaluator, eschichtel@hwmuw.org

Finance & Facilities

Gail Montgomery
Vice President of Finance & Administration

Gail’s favorite part of her job: Knowing that I work for an organization that truly makes a difference in people's lives.

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Michele Bussler, Accounts Receivable, mbussler@hwmuw.org
Ben Davison, Accounts Payable & Technology Associate, bdavison@hwmuw.org
Toni Steele, Accounting Manager, tsteele@hwmuw.org
Dave Swanson, Facilities, dswanson@hwmuw.org

Marketing & Volunteer Center

Ellen Carpenter
Vice President, Marketing and Volunteer Center

Ellen’s favorite part of her job: I am most passionate about dispelling myths that people may have about giving a “hand-up” to those in need. And, finding the perfect place for people to make a difference through volunteering.

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Kali Cochran, Digital Marketing Project Lead, kcochran@hwmuw.org
Maribeth Groen, Events & Marketing Manager, mgroen@hwmuw.org
Danielle Kendra, Graphic Designer, dkendra@hwmuw.org
Jessica Young, Communications Coordinator, jyoung@hwmuw.org

The Volunteer Center
Katelyn Kovalik, Volunteer Center Manager, kkovalik@hwmuw.org
Phil Gabel, Volunteer Engagement Coordinator, pgabel@hwmuw.org

Resource Development

Jill Dooley
Vice President, Resource Development

Issue Jill is most passionate about:  Access to opportunities in order to secure a good and sustainable life. We value all people, understand what poverty means, how it impacts families, and focus our work on reducing poverty in this community. 

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Gwen Goodson, Project & Process Coordinator, ggoodson@hwmuw.org
Dan Tenhoopen, AFL-CIO Community Services Liaison, dtenhoopen@hwmuw.org
A.J. Quackenbush, Director, Individual Giving, ajquackenbush@hwmuw.org

Kathy Fauble, Director of Data Center, kfauble@hwmuw.org
Chantal Porterfield, Data Center Specialist, cporterfield@hwmuw.org

Workplace Fundraising
Taylor Greenfield, Director of Workplace Campaigns, tgreenfield@hwmuw.org
Mallory Brouwer, Account Manager, mbrouwer@hwmuw.org
Emily Trevor, Account Manager, etrevor@hwmuw.org
Travis Gibbons, Account Manager, tgibbons@hwmuw.org
Alyssa Stickney, Campaign Associate, astickney@hwmuw.org
Eliezer Yeong, Campaign Associate, eyeong@hwmuw.org
Rosanne Holton, Campaign Associate, rholton@hwmuw.org


Human Resources

Tiffany DeMyers, Director of Human Resources, tdemyers@hwmuw.org
Carra Oteto, Office and Human Resources Coordinator, coteto@hwmuw.org



Sherri Vainavicz, Programs & Services Director , svainavicz@hwmuw.org

Brenda Brame, Program Manager, Kent County Tax Credit Coalition, bbrame@hwmuw.org
John Mitchell, Community Resource Coordinator, 2-1-1, jmitchell@hwmuw.org
Lynn Snyder, Community Resource Assistant, lsnyder@hwmuw.org


Kent County Essential Needs Task Force (ENTF)

Wende Randall, Director, wrandall@hwmuw.org

Brianne Czyzio, Administrative Assistant, bczyzio@hwmuw.org
Sierra Salaam, HMIS Specialist, ssalaam@hwmuw.org